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Please make all checks payable to Friends Forever Rescue.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 163455
Miami, FL 33116-3455

Friends Forever Rescue is not the largest canine rescue in the South Florida area. Neither is it the most well-known. What Friends Forever is, is the canine rescue with the most dedicated care of unpaid and committed volunteers, who over the last decade have given their most precious commodity, time, to the goal of rehabilitating unwanted dogs and finding each dog a forever home. Each weekend, no fewer than 25 volunteers donate their family time for scheduled rescue events. Each week, at least that number of additional volunteers do the behind-the-scenes dirty work of taking care of the needs of the rescue’s canines. Hazzard a guess as to how many of these people receive a paycheck? If you said ZERO you would be correct!

If you are the type of person that gauges a homeless dog’s value by its level of cuteness, or pureness of breed, you do not understand nor will you appreciate what Friends Forever is all about.

Old dogs, injured dogs, dogs previously used as bait dogs for fighting organizations, dogs with the most confusing pedigree and even dogs that have the unwarranted reputation for unpredictable behavior, are treated the same; as if it is the only dog that requires a loving and forever home, on the face of the earth.

We treat and help one dog at a time. Sometimes a new home is quickly found. However, in most circumstances it takes time to find that most deserving dog a forever home. And in all cases, each dog is examined and vaccinated by a professional veterinarian before the new home is found as well as being spayed or neutered. Additionally, each dog has a microchip inserted in the scruff of its neck so that it will never be lost without the ability to find its owner, again.

An adoption fee is charged. However, the fee never covers the cumulative expenses attendant in providing this greatly important service. Food and veterinary care is prohibitively expensive but are non-negotiable parts of the rescue process.

All of this costs money. We have no large benefactors that give us unlimited support to accomplish our goals. We fight the good fight every day, again for no remuneration and in all cases the only benefit we receive is that we have made a difference to the dogs and to society. To the people who support and work within the rescue, that is a fair trade!

I suggest that the next time that you see a stray dog running loose in your neighborhood and immediately look for the number of a local rescue to assuage your feelings that you have done something, keep in mind that unless canine rescues, such as Friends Forever have the financial ability to continue to rescue animals and hopefully place them into forever homes, the number you call may be disconnected. That would be a great shame for the animals and for society as well.

Do something good today; be it to feel better that you are helping solve a problem or do it for these defenseless animals. JUST DO IT! PLEASE!